What Happens Now?

With President Trump hospitalized for COVID, the campaign enters a perilously uncertain stretch with just 30 days to go until Election Day. To complicate matters, as of this writing, more than 3.2 million people have already voted in the election (including yours truly). And millions more will cast their ballots in-person or through the mail… Continue reading What Happens Now?

Who’s Afraid of the IRS?

(Spoiler alert: that guy ⬆️ is)  Chances are you’ve paid more income taxes than the President of the United States has over the past decade. Last night’s bombshell report from the New York Times about the president’s taxes wasn’t necessarily a bombshell if you already knew about the president’s many, many failures in business. However, it… Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the IRS?

Game Over Man!

The below clip from the movie “Aliens” sums up my view of the current SCOTUS situation. I could probably finish this blog post by just sharing this clip because there really isn’t much Democrats can do to prevent the Republicans from filling RBG’s Supreme Court seat. The Left lacks the one thing in this battle… Continue reading Game Over Man!

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Biden’s Pitch: I Feel Your Pain

Out of all of our political traditions, its adherence to political conventions is one that may be one of the most puzzling. Voters (instead of party bosses) have been choosing the Democratic Party’s nominees for president ever since 1972. Delegates nowadays mainly gather at them to hobnob, cheer during speeches, and cast the pre-determined votes… Continue reading Biden’s Pitch: I Feel Your Pain

Trump vs. the Post Office

President Trump’s absurd crusade against mail-in voting is why the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is now at the top of the presidential hit list. Never mind that sabotaging the USPS is unconstitutional. Never mind that trying to influence an election is precisely why the president was impeached last December. Never mind that the president himself… Continue reading Trump vs. the Post Office